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Gray's Harbor Historical Seaport

The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport is a great way to find the adventure that you are looking for! Experience history as you sail and explore the West Coast. This is a great way to have an educational experience as well as a hands-on experience.

Choose the sail that is perfect for you! The Adventure Sail is a tall ship and has amazing views. This is a highly recommended option for those wanting a classic sailing adventure. The Evening Sail is another great option. Enjoy the beautiful sunset while sailing the West Coast. The golden light from the sunset is a view that can't be beat.

There are two ships to choose from, Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. Both have an incredible history that is fun to learn about while you are sailing the blue waters. The Lady Washington was the first American-flagged vessel to visit Japan and attempt to trade with them. The Hawaiian Chieftain was constructed in Maui and is built of steel. The Hawaiian Chieftain was designed for cargo trade. Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington are both great tools in bringing history,as well as sharing the wonderful world of sailing with people from all over the world!