From Our Guests...

When you choose A Harbor View Inn as your home away from home during your Washington State vacation, you are choosing comfortable accommodations, delicious food, and beautiful views. Whether you?re planning a romantic Washington State weekend getaway or a relaxing vacation on the Washington Coast, The Lonn Family will be pleased to help you plan wonderful excursions in the Aberdeen area. But don?t just take our word for it, see what our past visitors have said in our guestroom journals?

The Windsor Room
09/20/07 - Thank you Cindy ? you have a lovely establishment. The breakfast was great. Kind regards,
-S. & G. Amos (Auckland, New Zealand)

08/12/07 - We very much enjoyed our stay in your beautiful home. The room was very comfortable and the food delicious. Thank you very much.
-H. & M. Wright (Manchester, UK)

08/07/07 - This was one of our favorite places to stay. We loved the antiques. The view was wonderful and your breakfast was the tastiest breakfast in Washington. This particular B&B room had all of the things we needed along with some things that we didn?t even know places offer. This made our stay here more pleasurable. We will definitely recommend you to others!
-The Turner Family (Richmond, VA)

03/11/07 - What a wonderful weekend for us. The room was a great retreat and the breakfasts we?re amazing! It is obvious you strive for excellence in this B&B and we so appreciate it! All the ?small? touches make staying here a huge treat. We will most certainly highly recommend A Harbor View to our friends!
-P. & M. Butler (Marysville, WA)

11/25/06 - What a treasure we have found in Aberdeen! The bed was pure heaven; the breakfast was delicious; and the conversation was wonderful. We will let the Seabrook team know about your hospitality as they have been searching for accommodations for their homebuyers. May your business continue to prosper.
-T. & J. Anderson (Renton, WA)

04/09/06 - Thank you very much for a wonderful stay. We enjoyed the peace and quiet in your lovely home. And what a nice breakfast! We had a very nice tour around the area thanks to your great tourist tips.
-A. & E. Vesterguard (Denmark)

08/14/05 - Again, you made us feel at home. Besides your wonderful cooking we enjoy visiting with you. You are truly a gift to travelers and I and my husband thank you.
-S. & J. House (Palo Cedro, CA)

04/15/04 - We just loved staying in the Windsor room. The View is Beautiful we can understand why you chose this house. I had visions but never imagined your house so decorated. I just loved every piece of furniture. But it doesn?t surprise me about your cleaver decorating. It was worth the trip, just for all those home-made goodies. We really enjoyed every minute. From the moment we arrived in Seattle: duck ride, Space Needle, market place and rain forest. Beaches in Westport I could go on and on. Thank you for your great hospitality!
-The Hales (Location Unknown)

12/13/03 - We had a wonderful time at your beautiful B&B. We wish we had more than one day to spend. We had a great First Anniversary! Maybe we will be back next year.
-B. & J. Rasmussen (Fife, WA)

Blue Willow Room
12/2009 - I'm so happy I came to your B&B. You made me feel at home. I enjoyed my stay.
-Barbara (Houston, TX)

09/23/07 - Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and so happy we found you on the ?net.? Delicious food and all our extra info was great.
-D. & C. Nimchuk (Langley, BC Canada)

10/09/06 - Mange tusen takk! That?s Norwegian for ?many thousand thanks.? Lovely room, wonderfully appointed! We loved the special attention to details, the small whimsical touches here and there. We now know where to stay when we?re in the area! Thank you for your gracious hospitality!
-D. Oye (Packwood, WA)

03/02/06 - This place truly does feel like home. I am only here overnight for work from Seattle and I wish I could stay longer. Everything was an amazing combination of sophistication and comfort. I love it here.
-J. Henson (Seattle, WA)

08/08/04 - Thank you for a pleasant evening. The Blue Willow room was lovely and well-equipped for our every need. I especially enjoyed the history of the house and the fainting couch that made the trip by covered wagon on the Oregon Trail. The breakfast was yummy and we enjoyed the fellowship of other guests. Oh yes, we really appreciated that we and our traveling friends had this little wing to ourselves. Best wishes for your future business here.
-B. & C. Mcjuistor (North East, MD)

09/10/02 - As we came upstairs from breakfast, I said to my husband ?and that is why we come to B&B?s?. Dave agreed. Great accommodations, delicious food and great visits with other guests and the hostess. Thanks for allowing us to share your home. You have done a great job restoring and making your guests feel at home.
-F. & D. Thomas (Richmond, VT)

07/10/00 - A beautiful place and fantastic attention to detail; all the little comforts were right there. Thank-you Cindy for your hospitality and remembering the little things that made us feel right at home.
-I. & B. Blacke (Adelaide, Australia)

06/23/99 - The ?Blue Willow? Room is lovely. It was a pleasant break in our 2,500 mile trip from League City, TX (across Clear Lake from the Johnson Space Center-NASA) on our way to Seattle and Lake Louise in Canada. We loved the opportunity to be a part of the history of this part of Aberdeen. I enjoyed your walking tour pictures and history of the homes. Thank you for all the extras: refrigerators, cookies, hot tea, sun room and breakfast. Your thoughtfulness and attention to details has made this a very pleasant stop.
-P. & A. Holtman (League City, TX)

The Canterbury Room
10/19/07 - What a great piece of history and so beautifully decorated! Everything was top notch, including the very comfortable bed.
-D. & A. Yocom (Keizer, OR)

07/19/07 - We came up for my twin brothers wedding and I lived in Aberdeen. I grew up here, but had never heard of this place. Now, I want to stay here everytime I come back for a visit! We had such a wonderful stay here. The bed was amazing, the food was spectacular and we felt so welcomed at the home. Thank you so much!
-Grandolyn & William (Martindale)

02/03/07 - What a beautiful place. I have traveled across this state and this is one of my favorite places I?ve stayed. Thank you for investing such thought and time into all of the details. My favorite part of the house is the big family room. I love history and am intrigued by the history of this house.
-Kristen Eddings MISS WASHINGTON 2006

07/04/04 - What an unbelievable experience! We spent almost 3 hours (we fell asleep) watching and hearing the most incredible display of fireworks. We are traveling the Olympic Peninsula trying to get the feel of this area for a future home. The warmth of Washington is shown in this home. We could not have picked a better place to spend our last night before going back home. The bathroom was so perfect and refreshing. The breakfast was delicious. The nanny must have enjoyed setting up the towels.
-P. Sue & T. Hudson (Thousand Oaks, CA)

08/18/02 - What a charming room, so comfortable and with such attractive furnishings! Thank you for your care and attention to the details and comfort. We had a spectacular time staying with you. I hope to come again when I am in the area. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
-Mellisa & Marrin (San Francisco, CA)

08/16/00 - After a not-so good night on the couch, I thoroughly enjoyed the Canterbury room. The bed is very comfy! Thanks for our special stay here.
-The Millers (Salem, OR)

06/18/00 - Thank you for a very pleasant experience. The room was comfortable, the shower sybaritic and the breakfast just right.
-R. Nichole & J. Reynolds (The Dalles, OR)

06/05/99 - We had a splendid stay in this room. It was a welcome way to start our vacation from Canada.
-The Cassel Family (Vancouver, BC Canada)

The Josephine Paine Room
09/23/07 - It was great to spend two days at the Harbor View. Our host Cindy was the greatest! Her culinary talents are outstanding. We look forward to returning to this delightful home in the future.
-Carlson Family (Alfred, ME)

08/05/06 - Just a heavenly room and wonderful views and sleep. We have stayed in several B&B?s and this is by far the best! So peaceful and serene. Love all the tea things and special touches. Hope to come back soon.
-D. Pierce (Location Unknown)

06/27/05 - Thanks so much for agreeing to have us experience your lovely home at such a spur of the moment decision. This was the perfect home base with an adorable room, all the extra fine touches with the tea and cookies we?re wonderful. I was glad we we?re able to visit Ocean Shores and have a delicious fresh fish dinner. The mist and fog on the Evergreen trees was simply unbelievable. This area is a fairytale.
-D. & L. Millhouse (Richmond, VA)

05/19/00 - My husband and I stayed here for two nights and thoroughly enjoyed the serenity and comfort of this beautiful home. This room is perfect for a couple; it has the softness of flowers and the strong burgundy color that my husband loved. He was also crazy about the old-fashioned tub and its elevated setting. Thank you for your warm hostessing, the delicious food and all the wonderful amenities.
-M. & A. Bennett (Aberdeen, WA)

09/23/99 - What a lovely restful end to our long-awaited visit to the Northwest. Thank you for your very gracious hospitality.
-S. & C. Kistuson (Location Unknown)

04/26/98 - Thank you for providing the foundation for a truly relaxing weekend. Historic Home Tour is lovely, the breakfasts were fantastic and your personality (apparent in every room) is delightful! The sunroom was our favorite.
-D. & J. Page (Albany, OR)

The Grays Harbor Suite
08/08/07 - What a comfortable night. Delicious breakfast and wonderful company. Absolutely beautiful home and so quiet!!! God Bless you for taking such good care of us!
-David, Lella and Family (Location Unknown)

06/25/07 - We have had a lovely stay at your B&B. The accommodations are very user friendly. You, Cindy, have been a delightful hostess. The food was great! Many blessings in the years ahead. God Bless.
-M. & C. Hobse (Orange, CA)

07/31/06 - This was just perfect! Our new ?Home away from Home!? We?ll look forward to seeing you next year and keep you posted on life in Pilot Station. Thank you for your friendship and all the ways you blessed us while we lived here in Aberdeen. You?ll be in our thoughts.
-Priscilla & Jon (Pilot Station, AK)

03/21/06 - Thank you, Ms. Cindy for a great, pleasant, quiet, enjoyable, excellent, courteous, welcoming and refreshing stay.
-M. & R. Wilson (Tacoma, WA)

08/20/04 - I am so relaxed I don?t even know what day it is. This suite is a delightful luxury. I?m glad we decided to opt for the extra space. We certainly managed to fill it all!
-A. David & P. Leoiu (Oakland and Santa Monica, CA)

08/04/04 - Lovely, quiet and peaceful?Thank You.
-C. & D. Thornton (Seattle, WA)

07/18/04 - Thank you so much for the amazing breakfast and this beautiful home. Our room was perfect and we felt right at home. We absolutely loved our stay!
-The Martinez Family (Location Unknown)

Overall Bed & Breakfast Experience
06/20/09 - Thank you for the beautiful haven of rest. You have the wonderful gift of hospitality and using it to your utmost. We loved all the special touches.
- D. & C. Hensley (Louisville, KY)

07/11/09 - Your warm welcome and your great hospitality made our stay very enjoyable. Thank you very much for everything.
- Dietrichs (Germany)

07/17/09 - Your home was just the right setting for us to celebrate our 28th Anniversary.
-G. & D. Brooks (Eatonville, WA)

07/25/09 - Thanks so much for your hospitality. We really enjoyed staying at your B&B and loved your breakfasts. Thanks also for your advice on what to see on the Olympic Peninsula. It made our stay very interesting.
-J. & A. Marker (Copenhagen, Denmark)

08/11/09 - A lovely spot! A warm and inviting home. It was most enjoyable being in your B&B.
-The Hadleys (Altamonte Springs, FL)

09/06/09 - What a delightful setting and homey feel you have provided! The comfortable beds and warm decor; the delicious meals and hospitality you have to offer makes for more than just a "stopping point." I appreciated the extra touches, like soft music playing in the background while taking in the beauty of the area at the breakfast table, as one visits with others and shares their finds in travel. We have been blessed as guests.